Thursday, 12 March 2009

Wilf and Digby supervise work on the olives

Morning trip with the boyz to the village bar to pick up the Corriera and the Tribune. Weather quite stunningly wonderful with blue skies, gentle sunshine and the softest of breezes. The headlines in the Italian papers were all about the shootings in Ulster, Germany and Alabama. The barrista and the cafe owner were keen to let me know that while the world was a dreadful place nothing like that could happen here in Umbria. I'm never sure what the expected response to these insights is, so I mutter something incomprehensible with an air of gravitas, frown, down my coffee and flee.
We are now back home with the boyz. They are contentedly sitting out in the olive groves in that strange half awake, half asleep state that older dogs can so easily drift into. This time of the year is for them dog heaven - they can run around the fields all day without getting either too hot or too cold. Another month or two and they will have to be in the house every day between ten and four when it simply gets too hot to be out.

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