Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The local farmer comes to help

The reason for the surprise delivery of hay became apparent yesterday afternoon. The neighbouring farmer and his team returned unannounced at lunchtime to help with the final pruning of the olive trees. Apparently we were being far too dilatory in our approach to the pruning and it was deemed necessary that we poor foreigners be given a helping hand . After an hour or so of hectic activity he and his workers settled down into the hay bales , had lunch and then dozed peacefully in the afternoon sun. At two thirty prompt there was a fresh bout of manic activity and the hay was collected up, piled into a huge heap and all the olive branches and cuttings that had been cut down over the last three days scoped up by tractor and then heaped on top of it. This small mountain was then set alight and soon the hay and olive wood were blazing away sending a huge plume of white smoke billowing fifty metres up into the air . The boyz faced with this wall of flame retreated a respectful distance and spent the latter part of the afternoon barking at the smoke and sparks. Today the builders are due to start work on laying the flagstones outside the main entrance. They promised faithfully to be here but we shall see...

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