Monday, 2 March 2009

A very wet Polish Lowland Sheepdog

I should learn. No sooner do I write that the wonderful weather has arrived and Italy is basking in sunshine than pow! a storm of classic dimensions sweeps down from the north and we are back in permanent rain. Meteorologists will probably laugh but it seems to me that we get bad weather exactly seven days after it occurs in New York. Could it be that weather on this side of the Atlantic is influenced by what happens on the eastern seaboard of the US? This morning we have two very wet Polish Lowland Sheepdogs as companions - they seem quite oblivious to rain once they are out of the house and on their walk.

The talk here this morning is of the non-event that was the EU summit in Belgium yesterday to address the economic crisis in eastern Europe. Naturally, the big three - Germany, France and Britain were too focused on their own problems to recognize the severity of the downturn in their new neighbours. The Russians must be delighted at the thought of restoring their influence in the Baltics!

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