Saturday, 28 March 2009

Digby - sometimes the world just looks so big

The porcupines have been out en masse overnight digging holes, eating bulbs and making their strange grunt like noises- Wilf has been out barking at them for the last hour. Digby, who is an altogether more sensitive soul, has settled down under a tree to review his options for the day. With Digby you have the feeling that he's thinking 'sometimes the world can look so big'. Did a quick run to the supermarket this morning in Perugia. At last we've found a chain that would stand muster as a supermarket in France or the UK so we will shift our weekly shop there. On the road,despite having lived here for 3 years now,continue to be amazed at the way Italian drivers will come up within inches of your rear fender and then pull in directly in front of you when they overtake.There must be some cultural rationale for it - but so far the logic behind it escapes me. You are said to be five times more likely to have an accident on the roads here than you are north of the Alps.

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