Monday, 16 March 2009

Digby inspecting the surprise delivery of hay

Great excitement this morning. The neighbouring farmers 'lad' arrived on a huge tractor with two bails of hay which he deposited in the middle of the drive. I tried to ask why he had chosen to deliver something we had neither asked for nor needed. Sadly, my Italian is still nowhere near the level needed to conduct a 'professional' conversation and it seemed to me that he said in the impenetrable Umbrian dialect that prevails around here that he had brought the hay for the goats. As we don't have any goats or any animal life of any description other than the two boyz this unexpected delivery remains a puzzle - the reason for the drop off will doubtless become clearer as the day progresses and someone , somewhere in the vicinity misses their animal feed. Wilf and Digby are much taken with the hay which is emitting an irresistible ( for them ) scent of farmyard ordure.

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