Saturday, 21 March 2009

Wilf looking out towards a snow covered Todi while Digby decides to come inside

There was a time before we moved here when we were of the opinion that winter in Italy lasted for a maximum of two months. From our pre-move research it seemed as if the bad weather occurred pretty much on schedule sometime between late December and late March. This year the winter has dragged on and on , and has been made all the more unbearable by sudden,prolonged bouts of bright sunny weather that serve to remind you how life should really be lived. With the wind it's been a bit like being in the Hebrides with the notable difference that here in Umbria you can usually see a patch of blue somewhere in the sky. The locals here go around dressed as if they are about to go on a trip to the Antarctic with layer upon layer of down filled garments and a variety of hats that look as though they should be in a remake of La Dolce Vita. Our current colds are blamed by the cleaning lady on the fact that we Scots, unlike Umbrians, don't know how to dress for bad weather. The barrista is of the opinion that after such a horrible winter we are going to have a summer of extended exceptionally hot temperatures - out of the freezer into the chip pan!

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Anonymous said...

You noticed they way they dress for winter too! I am glad I am not the only one. This first came to my attention when I was visiting Sicily in 2006 and the temp outside was hot enough for short sleeves and sandals (an extended summer)...

...but all good Italians must be bundled up with boots and jackets because the month (November) said it was winter.