Friday, 27 March 2009

Polish Lowland Sheepdog - the grumpy look.

Have just rescued the builders who have been the centre of Wilfs ball playing attention for the last twenty minutes. I think it quite possible that he would play ball all day if given the chance. The look on his face in the top ( and now I look afresh at it the bottom ) photo tells you all you need to know about his views on having his game interrupted. Is it possible for dogs to frown? The weather forecast for next week calls for rain on Monday so this may be the last time we see the workmen for a week or so which will be a great disappointment for the boyz. Both of us have been down with a bug that has dragged on and on for over a week . Tired, feverish and burning eyes. We've googled to see if there are any flu strains that match this but it doesn't seem that there are. Has anyone else gone down with something like this or is it local to here?

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