Thursday, 26 March 2009

Gardening with two attentive Polish Lowland Sheepdogs

What's up?
Nothing good to eat here then!

Why not stop that and come for a walk?
The builders arrived this morning at 6.30. The boyz were (as always) delighted to have company and started to pester the team laying the new stone in the courtyard within five minutes of work starting. Wilf is of the opinion that all of humankind has been placed on the planet to play with him and views it as his pre-eminent canine duty to bring a ball to be thrown every two minutes - this is of course cute the first dozen or so times but quickly becomes irritating for even the most dog friendly of workmen. Digby is much more likely to find a spot where work is just about to take place and make that his position of choice for a morning nap.To allow work to proceed according to something approximating budget and schedule the boyz have been relegated to working with me in the garden while I pot out the new seasons geraniums. Why all Italian houses become a riot of red geraniums every summer is one of those cultural shibboleths that we are happy to adhere to although the process of getting the pots filled is both expensive and time consuming.The terraces are now brimming over with a hundred fresh plants . The next job is to start work in the gardens where we only allow cool blue and white plants - red is a very hot colour and when it's 35 degrees a not very restful colour. The two dogs have very quickly discovered that plants are not good to eat and their interest has very quickly waned - annoying the builders is much more interesting than being with family!

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