Saturday, 21 March 2009

More snow - why does it always come when you've put away the winter clothing?

Up bright and early this morning to find the countryside blanketed under four inches of snow. Welcome to the first day of Spring! We'd gone to bed last night looking at the television news reporting heavy snow in the far south of the country and thanking our lucky stars that it had missed us. It hadn't. During the night the storm with its centre over Albania swept north with violent winds, freezing temperatures and snow. I fear the abutilons and hibiscus plants that I dragged out into the garden are goners.Next year I won't do anything in the garden until April.Boyz have had two long walks with Digby uncharacteristically entering into the rough and tumble of exploration with his big brother. Piles of dried leaves and snow drifts hold out huge interest to Polish Lowland Sheepdogs who can't resist leaping in them.

Read an interesting article about Senator McCain in the Financial Times this morning. He continues to be his own man and is refusing to join in the Republican chorus criticising President Obama and his Treasury Secretary. Between the lines he seems to be saying we created this mess let's give these guys time to sort it out. How refreshing to see someone taking the higher path in politics. In Italy the Fascist Party is merging with Prime Ministers Berlusconis party.

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