Monday, 23 March 2009

Snow turns to sunshine and 20 degree temperatures

What a beautiful day - once again the climate has done a volte face and we are back in perfect sunny weather. Have been outside enjoying the sunshine and trying to drum up some response from the builders who had promised to be here last week. The latest excuse - everyone is down with the flu. They seem to forget that I can see them working on a house on the other side of the valley owned by a well known industrialist from Turin. Keeping a good builder is part of the human condition and requires cutting them a large degree of slack. The supervisor has promised that he will come along on Wednesday to 'review' the job. All around I see the houses on the hill are busy building - I think there must be something in the Italian tax code that allows you to deduct 100% of home improvements or renovations from your tax bill.
Am off to London tomorrow - back on Wednesday - hopefully in time to see the builder.

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