Friday, 6 March 2009

What would the Kennel Club say?

When you see pictures of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs on the web they are always shown as fluffy,perfectly groomed,endearing little things . Our boyz stand out in sharp contrast. You might not believe it looking at the photos but they are are groomed daily. Sadly, the benefits of the brushing and cleaning last for about ten minutes before they return to a feral looking state. I take comfort in the fact that they spend the bulk of their time out in the fields but I still wonder what people who show their PON's must think of our two boyz. We deliberately keep the hair over their eyes short as we've found that it enables them to see much more clearly and prevents them from getting over anxious if there are people around.

Better half has pointed out that foreign mineral waters are disappearing from restaurants in the UK. There was a time when Evian,Vittel or San Peligrino water was commonplace but with the fall in the value of sterling they are being substituted by Welsh and Scottish water. Restaurant managers are looking for as many ways as possible to cut costs without their clients noticing - so out go fancy imports and in come cheaper local brands. Import substitution is the name of the game. Got to be good for British agriculture - expect to see English champagne on more and more wine lists.

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