Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Swift Wind Turbines - any thoughts?

We're alone here while the rest of the family is back in the UK for a few days. Of course the weather has chosen this particular moment to worsen dramatically. All afternoon a gale has been rushing down from the mountains s sweeping washing, garden furniture, watering cans and anything else that hasn't been tied down away. The boyz managed to spend a couple of hours with me out in the fields but Wilf's glum appearance finally convinced me it was time to move indoors.

Is anyone out there an expert on wind turbines? I saw an advert for a company in Edinburgh called Swift Turbines. They make a small wind turbine that can fir on the roof and produce 2000 Kwh of electricity a year. My first thought was it might work in Scotland but not here. However, after enduring the winds and weather here this winter I'm hastily changing my views. Solar power would be the obvious answer but to generate a meaningful amount of power I'd need to cover the roof with a mass of unsightly panels. Thoughts anyone?

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