Saturday, 7 March 2009

As windy as Scotland .. who would believe it?

Fresh air this morning and lots of it .Overnight a gale has blown up from nowhere and the wind is blowing constantly at about 50 miles an hour. It still makes me laugh to see the boyz ears flying straight up when they turn head on into the storm. They seem to find the tempest enervating whereas we just find it cold - oh the joys of having a thick double coat! On the plus side the sun is out , the air is crystal clear and the clouds are scurrying across the sky.

Tomorrow we are heading to Rome to the IKEA just off the motorway. We are about to have a stream of visitors from the US and need to stock up on all fresh pillows and towels for the summer.Please may the weather improve soon - people always expect the weather here to be perfect and it would be such a shame if it turns out like Chicago in February.

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