Thursday, 26 March 2009

Promise me you'll never show this photo to anyone!

When we picked up the boyz from the breeders nearly eight years ago they were given a battered old teddy bear to play with on the journey back to Scotland. Nearly eight years on an our 'top dog' will still find somewhere quiet to snuggle down with his oldest, and now very dilapidated friend whenever he's feeling particularly put upon. How embarrassing is that? The reason for todays cuddle with the teddy bear ? I took the boyz out into the olive groves. En route Wilf managed to chase and then corner a lizard ( presumably either a very old or very stupid one ) in a pile of terracota tiles - despite being told to leave well alone he 1) knocked the pile of tiles over in his unfettered excitement and 2) actually managed to catch the lizard which he was proudly going to bring into the house. He will have a very sore tummy this afternoon if he's eaten any of it.

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